Open Access deals for Wildlife Biology

WB Wiley

OA deals through Wiley

Wildlife Biology, the newest member of our journal portfolio, has long been an Open Access journal. But now that the journal is owned by the Nordic Society Oikos and published by Wiley, Wildlife Biology has access for the first time to many Open Access deals that help authors cover Article Publication Charges.

Wiley has Open Access deals with a growing list of countries around the world, and additionally offers waivers and discounts to authors in low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, many universities have individual arrangements allowing their researchers to publish Open Access without charges to the author.

Read more about publishing Open Access in our journals: Wildlife Biology, Oikos, Ecography, Journal of Avian Biology, and Nordic Journal of Botany.

Call for wildlife papers!

Wildlife Biology welcomes your submissions in wildlife, conservation, or management. In joining our portfolio of Wiley-published journals, Wildlife Biology has gained a large platform with excellent visibility and outreach opportunities for its papers. Learn more about the journal and its new life with NSO.