Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement

Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement


Nordic Society Oikos Code of Conduct

Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) events are open to anyone interested in the mission and activities of NSO.

The Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) aims to create an environment that allows respectful, inclusive, and equal treatment of peers. All participants including event delegates, speakers, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers, service providers, delegate’s spouse, members of the Boards as well as staff of NSO or the Oikos Editorial Office (OEO) and others are expected to follow the NSO Code of Conduct. The NSO Code of Conduct applies to all NSO-related events. That can include (but is not limited to) NSO meetings, workshops, symposia, excursions, social events, etc. organized by the NSO, or other organisations in collaboration with NSO.


Expected behaviour

  • All participants of NSO events should to be treated with respect and consideration, and not to be in violation with our Diversity Statement.
  • Be open to other participants’ opinions and respect them. Criticise ideas, not persons or organisations. Personal attacks on meeting participants are not accepted.
  • All meeting participants should take responsibility to prevent misconduct (including fabrication, falsification and plagiarism) during presentations, poster sessions and discussions with peers.
  • There may be specific rules and/or policies associated with the external venues, hotels or other private or public facilities that the NSO uses in conjunction with meetings or other activities. The NSO expect all participants to abide by such rules.
  • Be vigilant of other participants behaviour. If you observe inappropriate behaviour, contact NSO representative or meeting organsers.
  • If you observe someone in distress or witness an emergency situation, contact venue security, local law enforcement or emergency personnel and inform the event organisers.
  • If you notice scientific misconduct, contact NSO representative or the local meeting organisation.


Unacceptable behaviour

  • Physical or verbal abuse, (sexual or other) harassment, intimidation or discrimination in any form.
  • Disruption of talks at oral or poster presentations, at the Venue, the Exhibition hall, hotels or other facilities used in conjunction with NSO meetings or activities.
  • Inappropriate use of nudity or sexual language and/or images during talks and social events, on social media and other communication platforms associated with NSO meetings.
  • Violating the wish of a speaker who asks conference delegates not to record presentations, take photographs or share images and/or results outside of meeting Venue (e.g. social media or other online platforms).
  • Imposing political ideas or religious believes on other delegates.


Nordic Society Oikos Diversity Statement

The Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) aims to create an environment that allows respectful, inclusive, and equal treatment of peers. NSO will not accept discrimination or harassment by any means, based on factors such as ethnic or national origin, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, political or other opinion, citizenship, language, (mental or physical) disability, physical appearance, age, or socio-economic class.

In addition, NSO rejects all forms of bullying including threatening, humiliating, or intimidating actions that cause harm to an individual or interfere with NSO activities. Discrimination, or any form of harassment and/or bullying should be reported, which may result in consequences for the offender.


Consequences for violation to NSO Diversity Statement and/or NSO Code of Conduct

Any participant of NSO events that violates the NSO Diversity Statement or Code of Conduct will be asked to immediately stop the behaviour, and may be asked leave the premises without prior warning or monetary refund. The NSO reserves the right to terminate NSO membership (temporarily or permanently) or may prohibit an offender from taking part in future NSO meetings and/or activities.


Reporting violation to NSO Diversity Statement and/or NSO Code of Conduct

If you witness, or are subject to any violation to our Diversity Statement or Code of Conduct, we ask you to report this to an NSO or meeting representative. You can also email:

Our first point of action will be to resolve any conflicts between the offender and the subject at the event venue. If necessary and deemed appropriate, hotel security or local law enforcement will be alerted in order to stop an offence.


Responsibility of NSO and meeting representatives

NSO and meeting representatives expected to ensure, as far as possible and to the best of their knowledge, that meeting participants are valued, treated with respect and equality in accordance with our Diversity Statement and Code of Conduct.


Version 1, approved by the Board of Nordic Society Oikos 2020-04-23.

The Nordic Society Oikos Code of Conduct is a modified version of the the Ecological Society of America’s Code of Conduct.