1 week ago | PhD position, | Research assistant, | Researcher | Germany
Due to climate change, the weather in temperate regions is becoming more variable, affecting soil temperature in winter in particular. Paradoxically, colder soil temperatures and more soil frost are expected in the future, because an insulating snow cover is continuously declining due to increasingly warm winters, while single frost events will still occur. In the DFG-funded project Winter cold sensitivity of European temperate broadleaf forest trees in the face of climate warming: Spatial patterns, mechanisms and effects of genotype, the candidate will first focus specifically on soil–plant interactions to determine the physiological mechanisms underlying the winter cold sensitivity of trees in climate chamber and field experiments at the Experimental Botanical Garden in Göttingen (e.g. investigation of aboveground growth rates, root vitality, nutrient uptake capacity, and non-structural carbon allocation). Second, the candidate will apply a dendroecological study (mostly work with large tree-ring databases, complemented with own sampling) to clarify to what spatial extent major tree species react sensitively to changes in winter climate and to frost extremes across Europe. In doing so, the project aims at a better assessment of the consequences of winter climate change for European forests.
2 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Reversing the loss of wild pollinators requires an increased understanding of the direct and indirect drivers of pollinator declines, and of their environmental, economic and societal impacts. The Horizon 2020 project SAFEGUARD aims to deliver a portfolio of effective solutions to preserve wild pollinators across Europe, through the development of an integrated assessment framework (IAF). We are now looking for a candidate with a strong background in ecological modelling and a keen interest in pollinator ecology and governance to join the SAFEGUARD team for a two-year post-doc position at the Centre of Environmental and Climate Science, Lund University.
3 weeks ago | Lecturer | Sweden
The University of Skövde is recruiting an Adjunct in Bioscience, to carry out teaching at the Bachelor level, within the area of nature conservation practice. Nature conservation practice is here defined as using ecological theory and scientific knowledge in the actual work of conserving and developing ecosystems and the services they provide. Among other things, this includes making natural value assessments of various habitats, documenting and monitoring results of conservation actions, formulate relevant management efforts and making environmental impact statements. The main tasks of the Adjunct will be teaching and teaching related administration. Teaching is carried out in both Swedish and English, together with other staff members in Bioscience, mainly from the Ecology group. Initially, the position is a full-time temporary position for 6 months, but may be extended. The Ecology group is involved in both teaching and research, with a main focus of the research being sustainable use of natural resources and biological conservation.
2 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
A 2 year postdoctoral scholarship is available to study evolution in crop pests under variable versus stable selection pressures. This work will involve evolutionary and quantitative genetic assessments of variation for pathogen resistance in crop pests, a laboratory evolution experiment to explore directional and correlational evolution under consistent versus fluctuating conditions, and the chance to participate in an international and trans-disciplinary partnership involving evolutionary biologists, host-pathogen scientists, agronomists, social scientists, industry and not-for-profit organisations promoting sustainable agricultural practice.
4 weeks ago | Associate Professor | Sweden
4 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Norway