4 days ago | Administratör | Sweden
Det administrativa arbetet omfattar ekonomiadministration såsom fakturaunderlag/fakturering, leverantörsfakturahantering samt bokföring av inbetalningar. Därutöver ingår handläggning av ansökningar, bokningar av boende och lokaler, samt allmän service till gästande forskare via e-post, telefon och via receptionen.

Arbetet som laboratorieansvarig omfattar tillsyn och skötsel av laboratorier, växthus och försöksträdgårdar, inkl. utrustning/instrument, service- och underhållsarbete samt miljöarbete. Arbetet omfattar även inventering och inköp av förbrukningsmaterial till laboratorierna och växthuset, kemikaliehantering, och koordinering av gas- och materialleveranser till gästande forskare.
6 days ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Global biodiversity declines are increasingly well documented and predicted to worsen under projected
land-use and climate change. This has important implications for the wider society since biodiversity is
known to underpin a wide range of ecosystem functions and associated services. However, forecasting
the effects of environmental stressors on biodiversity, ecosystem function and ecosystem services is
notoriously difficult due to a generally poor understanding of the causal relationships between them. To
understand better why certain species respond to a given driver and what the consequences of a given
loss could mean for ecosystem function, it is necessary to use trait-based and functional diversity
approaches to infer underlying mechanisms.

In this project, the post-doc will make use of long-term time-series data of species abundance for various taxa (primarily forest birds), corresponding trait databases and alternative functional diversity metrics to fully evaluate the potential benefits and limitations of such approaches over traditional taxonomic analyses. The post-doc will explore the consequences of various land-management scenarios under climate change. The work will be performed in interaction with relevant stakeholders (representatives of land-owners and authorities) with respect to the feasibility of management scenarios and reliability and usability of biodiversity indices to evaluate success.
1 week ago | Researcher | Sweden
Research within a project on the function and evolution of chemosensory receptor genes (odorant receptors, ionotropic receptors and gustatory receptors). The project aims at comparative studies of the molecular and neural mechanisms of how different species of arthropods smell and taste, including ticks, spiders and insects. It will pave the way for the development of novel strategies for controlling pests and disease vectors.
1 week ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Depending on your expertise, you will develop models for the spatial distribution or dynamics of forest species, or make projections and optimizations using available models for biodiversity and ecosystem services assuming scenarios for the future.
3 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The two postdocs will carry out 100% research. Only in very special cases, they will be asked to take part in teaching activities. Practical tasks include, but are not limited to, development of protocols for in situ measurements (chambers, bubble catchers, etc.), application of new laboratory techniques, analyses of GHG with multiple instruments, data analysis, and paper writing. Two first-author publications are expected from each project.
1 month ago | Assistant Professor, | Associate Professor, | Tenure track | Denmark
The selected candidate is expected to take a leading role in the establishment of an externally funded research program focussing on the biology and ecology of marine macro-organisms, such as macroalgae/macrophytes, invertebrates, and fish.