1 day ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The position will be associated with the project: Holistic management practices, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils (HoliSoils, The project HoliSoils investigates how soil processes and biota drive the cycles of carbon and nutrients in forests, thereby promoting soil-related ecosystem services that need to be considered in forest management and climate policy.
1 day ago | Assistant Professor | Sweden
In the face of the current global biodiversity crisis, we urgently need accurate predictions of how organisms and ecosystems respond to climatic change. Insights into the genomics of adaptation to climate change forms part of the foundation for making such predictions. By using amenable study systems, next generation sequencing methods and other omics methods, experiments and appropriate modelling, such gaps in knowledge can be filled. We search for an assistant professor with research experience within this field, that can capitalize on the breath of expertice at the department to develop their research profile at the department of Ecology and Genetics.
1 day ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The postdoc will contribute to the analysis and writing for a large synthesis project using the already-compiled database of plant community monitoring. The general goal of this project is to understand how plant biodiversity has changed over the past century, but the specific topic of this position is flexible.
2 days ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The postdoctoral researcher will explore coevolutionary patterns in the strawberry system by harnessing wild plants (Fragaria vesca) and isolating their main fungal "bodyguard" (Aureobasidium pullulans) from different habitats and geographic areas across Europe. The plants will be screened for resistance against the most important phytopathogen and the isolated "bodyguard" strains will be screened for their antagonistic potential.
1 week ago | Researcher | Sweden
The researcher will work primarily in WP4: “Marsh plant biodiversity patterns and ecosystem services”, co-ordinated by Stockholm University. Saltmarshes are globally highly important for carbon sequestration, responsible for ca. 50% of so called ‘Blue Carbon’ on the planet. Coastal marshes in the Nordic region (“Baltic coastal meadows”) are largely understudied and differ substantially from “classic” macrotidal salt marshes (which are well-studied globally) due to the wide climate and salinity gradients and microtidal nature of the Baltic Sea.
2 weeks ago | Lecturer | Sweden
Vi söker en artkunnig naturvårdsbiolog för undervisning på grundprogrammet Naturvård och artmångfald. Programmet använder arter och biologisk mångfald i kontexten som underlag i arbete med naturvårdsfrågor. Undervisning kan också ske på närliggande program på högskolan, bl.a. Miljö, innovation och hållbarhet och magisterprogrammet Tillämpad miljövetenskap - ekosystemtjänster och naturresurshantering. Anställningen som universitetslektor avser undervisning, forskning samt samverkan med aktörer i det omgivande samhället.
3 weeks ago | Assistant Professor, | Curator | Denmark
The Natural History Museum of Denmark is seeking excellent candidates for a position as Tenure-track Assistant Professor and Curator of Botany. The successful candidate will be part of the Botany Section and is expected to have expertise in either vascular plants or mycology. As Assistant-Professor and Curator of Botany at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, you will be part of a dynamic team working on one of the largest museum projects in Scandinavia in the past fifty years.
1 month ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The position will be associated with the project “Developing a cost-efficient control program for the invasive plant Lupinus polyphyllus” financed by the Swedish Transport Administration and the research council FORMAS.
1 month ago | PhD position | Finland
Doctoral Researcher, ‘Investigating geodiversity-biodiversity relationships under climate change’, in Geography Research Unit, Faculty of Science and Kvantum Institute, University of Oulu, Finland