PhD position in Wildlife Management

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
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2 weeks ago

PhD position in Applied Ecology (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences): Management of wildlife populations under a changing climate

The project aims at developing wildlife population models to be used in a larger context of ecological, economical and societal impacts of alternative land management policies under a changing climate. The candidate will compile information on wildlife ecology and management and build models for future management of wildlife resources. Specifically, the candidate will compile existing data on demographic drivers and management of large herbivores in Scandinavia (i.e. moose, red deer, roe deer, wild boar) as a basis to map interacting, direct and indirect pathways between climate change and population demography. The candidate will also assess climate-mediated changes of herbivore browsing impacts on biodiversity and forestry. The findings will be incorporated in spatial wildlife population models to be used to assess the impacts of different management options under different climate scenarios. The candidate will work in close collaboration with the project’s multi-disciplinary and international team.

The candidate will be supervised by Associate professor Simen Pedersen (HINN, main supervisor), Professor Barbara Zimmermann (HINN), Researcher Cecilie Dyngeland (HINN), and Researcher Oskar Franklin (IIASA, Austria)

Questions about the position or work environment can be directed to associate professor Simen Pedersen, e-mail: